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Based on existing models, the main goal of the MigFlow Project is to develop a handy and fast free software to simulate immersed granular flows presenting a large discrepancy in the volume fraction of grains, going from pure liquid to dense granular media. To this end, the MigFlow Software is based on a multiscale representation of the fluid-grains mixture flow.

On the one hand, the solid phase is computed at the grain scale with the nonsmooth contact dynamics (NSCD). This is a time-stepping discrete element method that prevents interpenetration of the grains over a fixed time step and provides discrete properties of the grains like trajectories and forces applied on each grain. On the other hand, the fluid phase is solved at a greater scale than the grain scale by a stabilized finite element method that solves an average version of the Navier-Stokes equations.

Grains clog in a pipe under water flow

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