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Model for Immersed Granular Flow or MigFlow is a free and open source software dedicated to the numerical simulation, in complex geometry, of multi-phase flows involving grains in a fluid. This is a collaborative work whose authors are affiliate either to the Université catholique de Louvain or to the University of Montpellier. Immersed granular flows are used in an increasing number of industrial processes and research area. Civil engineering and geology along with pharmaceutical, chemical and agrifood industries make use of immersed granular flows. It has become essential to have a handy tool giving insight into immersed granular flows. That is why the MigFlow Project is born.


The only benefits we could obtain from sharing MigFlow are visibility and acknowledgement. Then if you use MigFlow, please cite the following reference in your work (books, articles, reports, etc.):
Constant M., Dubois F., Lambrechts J. and Legat V.Implementation of an unresolved stabilised FEM–DEM model to solve immersed granular flowsin Computational Particle Mechanics (2018).